The time has come to make an impression on the rest of the world. Education at FORESIGHT is where the journey begins—where thinkers become leaders, and where leaders create a tradition of success. We have a small size and diverse student population and we are strong believers of a team-study approach. Due to this approach, there is an opportunity for substantive and enriching interaction with faculty and fellow students. FORESIGHT nurtures a culture of creative thinking that enables you with all the tools you need to solve business problems to take tough calls in real-world situations. At FORESIGHT you will acquire a superior level of leadership, both personally and professionally, in an impressive environment.

Our Salient Features are:

  • Centrally located
  • Competent and experienced Faculty
  • Committed Management with Philanthropic attitude and approach.
  • Reasonable Fees.
  • Extra Curricular, Extra Mural  activities and personal counseling.
  • Facilities for Holistic Development
  • Opportunities for pursuing professional courses like CA,CS & others while graduating.
  • Placement opportunities. 
  • Participation in Industry lead workshops – Role Plays, Quizzes, Games & Contests add to the excitement of the workshop and make learning fun.

When you get ready with Foresight, you get assured for a successful journey as a young professional!