To promote intellectual development amongst the youth in order to enable them to be self-empowered, to serve the
society with commitment, compassion and competence as dynamic future leaders and global citizens.

To impart education, enrich and empower the youth in academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral principles of
life and services to become integrated leaders of the home and society.

Is to SERVE, LOVE and SHARE with an overall view to:
● To transform the youth into men and women with character and wisdom.
● To mould the students in the world of service, care and share.
● To remodel and ignite the minds of youth with sparks of ethical aesthetic values coupled with intellect and elegance, and human compassion.
● To make them master tenets of commerce, Science and technology.
● To kindle and empower their hearts to become the leaders of the new world.
● To inculcate the spiritual order essential to lead the society.