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Foresight College of Commerce, Pune

The time has come to make an impression on the rest of the world. Education at FORESIGHT is where the journey begins—where thinkers become leaders, and where leaders create a tradition of success. We have a small size and diverse student population and we are strong believers of a team-study approach.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to promote intellectual development amongst the youth in order to enable them to be self-empowered, to serve the society with commitment, compassion and competence as dynamic future leaders and global citizens..

Our Mission is to impart education, enrich and empower the youth in academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral principles of life and services to become integrated leaders of the home and society.

Principal's Desk

Welcome to Foresight College of Commerce!

A college in the heart of the city with student centric approach to education. There are no limits to reach your goals with excellent faculties and facilities. We give wings to students to fly high in their own domain. We give strength and support to experiment and experience our courses with practical approach to learning.

This is a minority college with all types of government and non-government scholarships and free-ship programs. We are committed to get all facilities possible to create education experience at Foresight is lasting and enriching experience